Shortlisted for ‘Lakeland Book of the Year Awards 2017’…

A-Z Cover image

‘An A-Z of Cumbria & the Lake District on Film’ was shortlisted for the 2017 Lakeland Book of the Year Awards.

At an awards luncheon held on July 11th 2017, it was awarded a Runner-Up prize in ‘The Striding Edge Productions Prize for Guides and Places.’

Published by Hayloft Publishing Ltd in October 2016 – you can order a copy: details here.

Whilst this site is an accompaniment for the book, it also features additional stories and interviews. Along with information on forthcoming films or those that did not make it into the final publication at this stage. There are of course numerous other opportunities to delve further into the region’s most significant cinematic history at the same time. Another major aim is to keep promoting the area as one of Britain’s leading film locations. Comments are always welcome, for the project is intended to be the start of a lively conversation and a place to share information.

The Author:
David has spent the last ten years or so at some of the most prestigious museums and galleries in both London and Cumbria, whilst working in the Music Industry before then. He graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London with a BA in History of Art, and still hopes to complete a Masters degree in Lake District Landscape studies at Lancaster University.
When he is not writing or watching films he can usually be found daydreaming on a hill somewhere…

(Background image from the film: The Raven on the Jetty ©One Day Films 2014)


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